At Vitamyze we are committed to delivering the most current products based on up to date research and documentation, revealing the latest protocols and breaking trends in science and medicine.

It is our ultimate goal to make available new products in affordable, personalized format of daily packets.

It is vital for each person to get the the right kind and sufficient nutrients in their diet. This is much easier said than done, especially if you have no background in nutrition or health. Couple the lack of nutrition education available with fast food brain washing, and we are setup for unhealthy diets. 

In hopes of making nutrition and health easier, TJ and Ray developed Vitamyze Nutritionals LLC. with the goal of delivering handpicked daily nutrition packs right to your door, on a monthly basis. We do our best to make nutrition easy and affordable. The world is moving fast, make sure you improve yourself each day with our pharmacist formulated BAM-PAK.


VITAMYZE Mission Statement 

We are committed to delivering the most current products based on up to date research and documentation, revealing the latest protocols and breaking trends in science and medicine.It is our ultimate goal to make available new products in the same easy, affordable, personalized format of daily packets. 

Meet our team


Ray Toronto

Co-Founder Ray Toronto is a Registered Pharmacist and has been practicing pharmacy for more than 30 years. Throughout his career he has always been keenly interested in nutrition and shared his knowledge with his clients, family and friends. Ray has had a varied career in many facets of Pharmacy including: retail pharmacy, President & CEO of a publicly traded mail order pharmacy & benefits company, and as a clinical pharmacist for a major healthcare company.  Ray was also successful as a consultant pharmacist for the San Francisco Giants, Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Rattlers from 1984 thru 1994.  In that position he worked closely with the head trainers and their staff to develop and implement specific therapy protocols for all team members, especially for those with injuries.Using his accumulated knowledge of nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, coupled with the experience and knowledge of the trainers, they were able to target the treatment protocols for different types of athletes and injuries. 

As a result of this background and the desire to share this knowledge in a unique and efficient manner, Ray has teamed with TJ and they have put together the very personalized program of Vitamyze, which facilitates the convenience of custom daily packets delivered to your door. 

TJ Toronto-Rauch


TJ Toronto-Rauch graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Economics of Sustainability. Participating in athletics his entire life, he has always had an interest in training and overall health. A back injury in his early 20's put limitations on most of the activities he loved to do.  Being in constant pain made him realize how important his health was to him. After attempting various remedies over a few years, TJ was fortunate enough to find relief for his nerve pain. His new found passion for daily health made him think about what he could do each day to prevent anything from limiting his ability to participate in the competitive activities he loves. 

At the university he was turned on to local and global sustainability and the issues that we face as our culture becomes more streamlined. With technology making the world smaller everyday, coupled with the fast paced environment we live in, we have more responsibilities and less time to cater to ourselves. Oftentimes, neglecting our overall health and nutritious food consumption. Intending to make daily nutrition easy, affordable and trustworthy for everyone, TJ came up with the idea for Vitamyze.  

How It All Started


While growing up our co-founder, TJ Toronto-Rauch, was very active and enjoyed participating in competitive activities. His active lifestyle stayed with him throughout college until a back injury put extreme limitations on everyday movements, including sleeping. After 2 years of pilates, yoga, acupuncture, myofascial healing, stretching and resting combinations, he could not get his body out of discomfort. An MRI showed 4 bulging discs laying on the nerves in his low back from L2-S1. This resulted in 2 laminectomy/discectomy surgeries to relieve the shooting nerve pain in his legs and feet. After the 2nd surgery, and 18 months of rehab TJ was fortunate to return to some of the activities he loved to do, including basketball.  

The entire process drove home the importance of controlling what he can, and actively taking part in his well being to avoid another major injury. He became more passionate about his health, and felt daily nutrition was the first place to start. He turned to his grandfather, Ray Toronto, who is an experienced pharmacist with the idea for daily nutritionals prepackaged into dailies and delivered directly to customers. With Ray's expertise, the two developed Vitamyze. 

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