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How It Started

While growing up our co-founder, TJ Toronto-Rauch, was very active and enjoyed participating in competitive activities. His active lifestyle stayed with him throughout college until a back injury put extreme limitations on everyday movements, including sleeping. After 2 years of pilates, yoga, acupuncture, myofascial healing, stretching and resting combinations, he could not get his body out of discomfort. An MRI showed 4 bulging discs laying on the nerves in his low back from L2-S1. This resulted in 2 laminectomy/discectomy surgeries to relieve the shooting nerve pain in his legs and feet. After the 2nd surgery, and 18 months of rehab TJ was fortunate to return to some of the activities he loved to do, including basketball.  

The entire process drove home the importance of controlling what he can, and actively taking part in his well being to avoid another major injury. He became more passionate about his health, and felt daily nutrition was the first place to start. He turned to his grandfather, Ray Toronto, who is an experienced pharmacist with the idea for nutritionals, prepackaged into dailies and delivered directly to customers. With Ray's expertise, the two developed Vitamyze. 

What's inside the BAM-PAK?

We’re so glad you asked!  

 BAM - Body And Mind – A synergistic blend of 0ver 60 key ingredients PLUS vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Has been shown to help:

Heart Health



Memory Retention

Decrease Sugar Cravings

Block Carb Absorption


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What is Vitamyze?

 At Vitamyze, our nutritionals are handpicked by pharmacists with over 50 years of experience. Our product combinations are exclusive only to us. You will never have to go to a storefront for your dailies again. Save time and money by having Vitamyze deliver your daily nutrition directly to your doorstep